Vulnerability Analysis & Penetration Testing (VAPT) 

   VAPT Service is a service that provides a Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing by our highly skilled engineers who are capable of conducting the hardest examinations using the most sophisticated methods to find areas where threat might exist.

Finding vulnerabilities nowadays is not enough as hackers always find creative ways to access the system even after securing these vulnerabilities.

That’s when the Penetration Testing comes handy because it test the environment from an outsider perspective. To protect yourself against a hacker, you must think like one.


  • Helps the client’s manage the risk factors within their environment to make decisions.

  • Increases the business continuity by avoiding disruptions that might occur because an intrusion by an outsider.

  • Evaluates security investment to better use the budget on the most priorities first.

  • Guards the reputation of the company to maintain public relationships.

  • Assists to keep the Cyber Defence capability on check at all times.

  • Reveals a set of vulnerabilities that might be used by an outsider to harm the organization and disable its system.

  • Blocks the possible paths an attacker might use to get access to the system.

  • Assist the organization reconsider their cybersecurity measures after findings flaws and weakness in their environment. 

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