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24/7 Monitoring & Effective Response

Safe SOC Approach, safe decision

Safe SOC is a customized program as service which is known as Managed SOC or SOC as a service, we developed Safe SOC to be added value and reduce the risks by combination between Managed Security Services (MSS) for detection controls and Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Based on our vision to achieve the highest level of cybersecurity and keeping cybersecurity simple and reliable, we developed Safe Engine Appliance to facilitate Management, Operation, Hunting, Detection and Response, and increase the quality .


Safe SOC Enablement Program
SafeSOC Enablement

We developed Safe SOC enablement program to increases the customer maturity and quality.

Source:  Devsecops community survey 2020

Minimum Defense Controls
Minmum Defense Controls

conduct assessment to make sure minimum cyber security controls on the correct place.

Vulnerability Management

Follow the processes of VM to be active and proactive response for most of systems weakness.

EDR Management

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is a sophisticated tool for the identification of anomalous behavior and breaches, risk assessment, incident response, investigations, and remediation.

Threat Intelligiance 

Increasing efficiency and confidence and aware in security operations and sharing the IOC from multiple feeds.

Malware Analysis

Most of the time, the signature base detection controls not enough for the targeted attack this is why we conduct automation or manual malware analysis for suspicious files by SD Cybersecurity Lab.

Malware Analysis

Managed SIEM is part of Safe SOC to make sure form tuning , integration and compliance

SIEM Integration

Our Safe Engine support integration with most common SIEM solutions.

Threat Hunting

We develop hypothesis to hunt threats based on customer environment and architecture.

Remote Incident Response
Remote Incident Response

Our Safe Engine give us a capability to conduct remote incident response or preparation to engage on-site DFIR.

Compliance and Reporting
Compliance and Reporting

Safe SOC design to be comply with ISO, SAMA and NCA-ECC and facilitate reports.

Safe SOC Features
SD Cybersecurity Lab

Engage our Cybersecurity Lab to perform hunting, analysis and increase quality of results .

Safe SOC Features
and Play

Time is matter for us,  we design our Safe Engine to be plug and play and communicate with our SOC Center.