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    SAFE EMAIL Service , protecting against inbound and outbound spam, malware, phishing. Also extended  to protection https email access for example OWA against  Web Application Attack and ensures security for Email Service in your organization is working with high efficiency and effectiveness, provide it  as Managed Service and comply with  Local and international standards.

SAFE EMAIL Tactical Architecture

Your Challenges to Protect Email System will be Our Challenges


Safe Email Enable Program

We developed Safe Email enable program to have common approach to protect Email system.

Multi Layers analysis engine

More than 15 layers for analysis and protection for your email system.

Exclusive Spam Blacklist  

Based on SD threat intelligence and SD cybersecurity lab we updated our spam blacklist 

Public RBL Check 

List of RBL for automatically updated Spammer IPs.

Multiple AV Engines 

Offers up to three antivirus engines to fully cover customers against know threats as soon as they are discovered. In addition to the standard ClamAVTM antivirus protection,  customers can also benefit of AviraTM and BitdefenderTM signatures.


Provides a behavioral email analyses with a real time link scan.The Url Sandbox detects new and still unknown threats found in embedded email URLs, blocking those to protect against spearphishing attacks, zero-day exploits and ransomware.  Every URL, not only uncategorized ones, in every email, is checked in real-time, to determinate the harmless of the webpage

SMTP Restrictions Protection 

Protection and validation SMTP communication.


Provides highly accurate spam blocking with a spam catch rate up to 99.99% and near to zero false positive rate.


Viruses, Malware and Ransomware can be delivered from many different vectors such as PDFs, ZIP Files, Hidden Data within Emails and much more. By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with a multi- layered approach provides a 360° protection against zero-day malware and ransomware by removing the malware code from it.

Next Generation Sandbox and Document  Sanitization 

The analysis and sanitization are carried out when the email is received, without incurring in any sandboxing management issue by scanning in deep the document’s source code, Quick Sandbox is able to detect and classify active contents in all Microsoft Office Documents, PDF and RTF files, even when compressed into an archive, and based on analysis result you then have the option either to remove the active content and deliver the sanitized document or to block the entire document.

URL SandBoxing

URL Sandbox detects new, still unknown and targeted threats found in embedded email URLs, actively blocking those to protect against spear-phishing attacks, zero-day exploits and ransomware. Every URL, not only uncategorized ones, in every email, is checked everytime the link is clicked, not when the email is received.

Business Email Compromise Protection - (BEC)

Spear phishing emails represent the typical targeted attacks. Hackers know personal details and aim to attack a know person or organization: Libra ESVA is effective also against those kind of threats. Libra ESVA proprietary BEC (Business Email Compromise) technology allows to prevent and to block such attacks and promptly alert your organization

integration with email servers including Office365, Exchange, G Suite, Zimbra and many others 

Seamless integration

End-to-End Email Encryption service to ensure confidential communication stays private and secure.

Email Encryption 

Message Content Protection Rules (DLP)

analyze the content of messages and verify their compliance with corporate policies.

Email Blacklist Reputation

Monitoring Email Blacklist reputation and keep aware if email delivery issue.

Recall delivered messages from user’s mailboxes if the suspicion email delivered to users with one click you can deleted form users mailbox. It supports Microsoft Office 365, Exchange and Zimbra backend mailbox servers.

Threat Remediation

Defined your SPF, DKIM and DMARC records to constantly evolving email delivery best practices and validation. Check for configuration errors and review suggested changes to improve email delivery.

Email Validation and Trusted  

Protect your domain & brand reputation from active email-based attacks. Prevent phishing, malware, and other threats from reaching your customers inboxes.

Email Fraud Protection 

DMARC Analysis

Analyzes the DMARC Report data to identify issues with DMARC compliance, potential phishing threats and misconfigured senders.

Managed Graymail and newsletters that users had opted in to receive but no longer wanted.

Graymail Management

Manage Email messages that are suspected to be spam are stored temporarily so that they can be reviewed and retrieved if necessary.

Quarantine Management

Vulnerability Scaning

detecte your mail vulnerability by performing vulnerability scan on application level and server level.

Exchange Web Services protection 

Protect Exchange Web Services attack , OWA, EWS, ECP, Active-sync.

Dedicated and High Available Gateway 

we provide you dedicated mail gateway with ability to have high avilable mail gateway

Web Management Dashboard

Didicated dashboard and management panel for the mail gateway

Mail Queues

Queue for incoming and outgoing email for analysis and email develivery issurance 

Web Application Load Balancing

designed to offer high performance load balancing solution for email based workloads.

Threat Intelligence Integration

Integration with multiple threat intelligence providers

Two-Factor Authentication

We Provide Two-Factor Authentication to access your services

Logs Management 

Your log will be stored for 12 Months and you will have the ability to check your raw mail logs

Next Generation Firewall

All your mail traffic will be passed thru NGFW before reach your Mail Gateway

Secure Sockets Layer- SSL 

Protecte your mail using SSL

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Cyber Hunting

Cyber Hunting onsite by quarterly for your email system to make sure form any insider attacks or previous security compromise . 

DDOS Protection

Protect your mail gateway and OWA from DDOS Attack

Incident Response

Full incident response from detection to post-incident activity following NIST standard

Premium 24/7 support

support through email, telephone or the web portal.

SD Cybersecurity Lab

Advance analysis with support of SD Cybersecurity lab for Sandboxing, Forensics and Malware Analysis static and dynamic

Compliance and Reporting

Reports give you a full picture of the service and cover regulation requirements.

Ready to Go Live

the service designed to give you the ability to go live with a few requirements

Secure Hosting Email System

Optional hosting email systems with high level of protection and monitoring .

Expand cybersecurity quality by our Services to be part of your contract , VAPTDFIRSFSSOC,SW,SEndpoint.


Facilitate Compliance 

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