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A Safe Place to share

Safe Box a secure cloud storage system that designed to be reliable, secure and dedicated to store organization documents and provide secure way to manage and access them.


Multi-platform File Sync

Each folder can be synced into any platform, including Windows, Mac,Linuxand Mobile User can also selectively sync any folder.

Source:  Devsecops community survey 2020

Drive Client

Extends the local disk space with the massive storage capacity on the server. Files can be used offline too.

Users Management

Portal for manage organization users and defined role and polices and extract status reports.


Snapshot for folders is a handy way to protect files against ransomware. 

Built-in File Encryption

Built-in encryption data at rest and transfer and supports client-side end-to-end encryption to protect your data.

Office Online Preview

Online office preview files included (docx,pptx,xlsx)

Syncing LDAP/AD Users and Groups

Support LDAP/AD integration and users can login via email windows username also can be sync with AD groups.

Two factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication to enhance account securityaccess.

Antivirus Integrated 

Antivirus integrated function to scan, detect and remove viruses.

24/7 Support

We have multiple channel of support through email, telephone or the web portal.

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