Hacking, Hacktivism and Cyberterrorism by Hasan Saeed Bahabri

July 22, 2020

This Article Written by Trainee Hasan Bahabri From Imam Mohamad bin Saud University #IMU




What is Hacking?


Hacking generally refers to unauthorized intrusion into a computer or a network.





Hacking Statistics:

  • Cybercrime is more profitable than the global illegal drug trade.

  • Hackers steal 75 records every second.

  • More than 6,000 online criminal marketplaces sell ransomware products and services.

  • Hackers create 300,000 new pieces of malware daily.

  • There will be 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs openings in 2021.


Hacking Attacks:

  • Operating System Attacks.

  • Misconfiguration Attacks.

  • Shrink Wrap Code Attacks.

  • Application Level Attacks 


 What is Hacktivism?


Besides hackers who are in it for profit there are those who want to bring attention to a cause.



 Hacktivism Attacks:

  • Leaking information 

  • Website mirroring 

  • Geo-bombing

  • Blogging anonymously 


Hacktivism Examples:

  • 2011: Hacktivist group Anonymous has briefly taken offline 40 sites it claims traded in images of child sexual abuse.

  • 2013: DDoS attacks by Muslim hacktivist group "Cyber Fighters of Izz-ad-din Al Qassam" targeted U.S. banks in retaliation after a Muslim film was posted on YouTube











What is Cyberterrorism?

Is the use of the internet to conduct violent acts that result in, or threaten, loss of life in order to achieve political or ideological gains through threat or intimidation.



  • Cyberterrorism is the convergence of cyberspace and terrorism. It refers to unlawful attacks and threats of attacks against computers, networks and the information stored therein government or its people in furtherance of political or social objectives. Further, to qualify as cyberterrorism, an attack should result in violence against persons or property, or at least cause enough harm to generate fear. Attacks that lead to death or bodily injury, explosions, or severe economic loss would be examples. 


Cyberterrorism Examples:


  • 1997: Web site set up for Zapatistas, a Mexican rebel group, to lead attacks against U.S. military from 1,500 locations in 50 different countries.

  • 2000: Assassins hack into a hospital computer to change the medication of a patient so that he would be given a lethal injection. He was dead within a few hours.



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