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Safe Web Service, web security

Protect Your Web Applications will be Our Challenges

Safe Web Servie, web security methodolgy

Safe Web a platform designed to Host, Manage, Operate, Protect and Monitor Web applications at the highest standards and security controls and offered as a Managed Service (MSS) by Safe Decision. Safe Web architecture design to address the gaps between hosting companies and development companies by multi-layers of security controls and responsibility. We designed and developed Safe Web Services architecture to be best secure web hosting to host your web services.


safe web service features, safe decision
Managed Load Balancer (LB)

Ability to spin up, customize and scale load balancers to support fault tolerance and ensure high availability and application scalability over time.

Source:  Devsecops community survey 2020

safe web service features, safe decision
Managed Next Generation Firewall (NGF)

We will be managed, administration and maintenance of firewall, freeing clients from the burden of policy management, upgrades and patch deployment.

safe web service features, safe decision
Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF)

With our scope we will responsible to managed Saudi Energy Efficiency Center WAF and Web applications Firewall have become business-critical, but they're also a prime target for malicious attacks. 

safe web service features, safe decision
Managed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Provide the experience in technology best practices to get the most value from the IPS technology top protect Portal.

safe web service features, safe decision
Managed Detection and Response – Network Based (MDR)

Safe Decision operates 24x7 and provides cyber defense systems, threat monitoring, incident detection and response to enable situational awareness of malicious cyber activity.

safe web service features, safe decision
Managed Performance Monitoring – Network base

Detect and diagnostic and resolve Network performance and based on graph analysis and dashboard and trigger our engineer about performance leak and speed up of defined root cause analysis.

Managed Vulnerability – External

On web base, Safe Decision will provide an active process of identifying existing vulnerabilities and available exploits in a security implementation, to penetrate susceptible systems on the basis of this information.

Managed Threat Hunting (TH) – Network base

Threat hunting is an active cyber defense activity by develop hypotheses based on hacker mindset and it is a process based on multiple scenario on network based. 

safe web service features, safe decision
Managed Threat Intelligence (TI) – Network base

Safe decision has TIP and integrated with our services and multiple threat feed that give us proactive crabbily on network based.

safe web service features, safe decision
Managed DDOS Protection

Network security control and visibility and layer of traffic protection and include SYN floods, fragmented packet attacks. Includes UDP floods, ICMP floods and other spoofed-packet floods. The attack’s goal is to saturate the bandwidth.  

Change Management procedure

Safe Decision will develop change management procedure for any changed in web service and infrastructure to make sure the changes approved and secure and not impact the business processes and procedure.

Managed SSL

Safe Decision will provide and managed SSL Portal and make sure about expiration and renewals.

safe web service features, safe decision
Managed DNS Records

Safe decision has own authoritative name server and register on RIPE and use for only our hosting services, that facilitate customer changes and update recoded by secure way.

safe web service features, safe decision
Managed Web Integrity Monitoring

Minoring web pages integrity to detected any unauthorized changes.

Managed SIEM – Network Based

Safe Decision will provide Security information and event management (SIEM) software products and services which combine security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM). 

24/7 Support

We have multiple channel of support through email, telephone or the web portal.

safe web service features, safe decision
Compliance Reports

Reports give you a full picture of the service and cover regulation requirements.

safe web service features, safe decision

Provide the customer by multiple approach of reporting   as standard and customer and perforce and security that supported by performance indicators and predictive reports.