SAFE ENDPOINT is a Service that is designed to manage, operate, protect and monitor the endpoint Security for Workstation and Servers. It is offered as a Managed Security Service (MSS) by Safe Decision Co. We develop SAFE ENDPOINT and added value while reducing risks. We work closely with ESET Company one of the leader of IT Security Company that provides range of Endpoint Security Solutions. We integrate ESET Endpoint Security and Vulnerability Management and threat hunting with our Safe Engine architecture and provide it as Managed Service that comply with Local and international standards in an effort to address the gaps of operation and management while protecting your organization.


Safe Endpoint Enablement Program

We developed Safe Endpoint enablement program to increases the customer maturity and quality.

Servers Protection

Monitors the behavior of malicious processes and scans them once they decloak, allowing for effective infection prevention, even from heavily obfuscated malware.


ESET Endpoint products support all OSes including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android. From a single pane of glass, all endpoint products can be fully managed; Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android is fully built in as well.

Prevents unauthorized access to the company network. It provides anti-hacker protection, data exposure prevention, and enables defining trusted networks—making all other connections, such as to public Wi-Fi, restricted by default.

Virtualization Security

Performs agentless anti-malware scanning of machines using VMware infrastructure or another virtualization solution, which keeps your devices secured in all environments


All ESET Endpoint products have been using machine learning in addition to all other layers of defense since 1997. ESET currently uses machine learning in conjunction with all of our other layers of defense. Specifically machine learning is used in the form of consolidated output and neural networks.


ESET is the first endpoint security provider to add a dedicated layer into its solution that protects the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). ESET UEFI Scanner checks and enforces the security of the preboot environment and is designed to monitor the integrity of the firmware. If modification is detected, it notifies the user.

Ransomware Shield

Monitors and evaluates all executed applications based on their behavior and reputation. Designed to detect and block processes that resemble the behavior of ransomware.

Advanced Memory Scanner

A unique ESET technology which effectively addresses an important issue of modern malware—heavy use of obfuscation and/or encryption. Advanced Memory Scanner monitors the behavior of a malicious process and scans it once it decloaks in memory.

Ready to Go Live

Time is matter for us,  we design our Safe Endpoint to be ready to implemented.

Compliance and Reporting

Safe Endpoint design to be comply with ISO, SAMA and NCA-ECC and facilitate reports.

SIEM Integration

Our Safe Engine support integration with most common SIEM solutions.

Advanced Vulnerability Scan

Follow the processes of VM to be active and proactive response for most of  endpoint weakness and get advantage by Yara rule scanning.


ESET combines multilayered technology, machine learning and human expertise to provide our customers with the best level of protection possible. Our technology is constantly adjusting and changing to provide the best balance of detection, false positives and performance.

Web Integrity Monitoring

Monitor Public Web Services integrity to detected any unauthorized changes.

Botnet Protection

ESET Botnet Protection detects malicious communication used by botnets, and at the same time identifies the offending processes. Any detected malicious communication is blocked and reported to the user.

ESET Exploit Blocker monitors typically exploitable applications (browsers, document readers, email clients, Flash, Java, and more) and instead of just aiming at particular CVE identifiers, it focuses on exploitation techniques. When triggered, the threat is blocked immediately on the machine.

Fileless malware

Fileless malware is a relatively new threat and due to it only existing in memory requires a different approach then traditional file-based malware.


ESET's Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) monitors system activity and uses a pre-defined set of rules to recognize and stop suspicious system behavior.

Network Attack Protection

ESET Network Attack Protection improves detection of known vulnerabilities on the network level. It constitutes another important layer of protection against spreading malware, network-conducted attacks, and exploitation of vulnerabilities for which a patch has not yet been released or deployed.

In-product sandbox

ESET’s In-product sandbox assists in identifying the real behavior hidden underneath the surface of obfuscated malware. Utilizing this technology, ESET solutions emulate different components of computer hardware and software to execute a suspicious sample in an isolated virtualized environment.


Countless times, an organization’s biggest concern is the performance impact of an endpoint protection solution. ESET products continue to excel in the performance arena and win third-party tests that prove how lightweight our endpoints are on systems.

SD Cybersecurity Lab

Engage our Cybersecurity Lab to perform hunting, analysis and increase quality of results .

Remote Incident Response

Our Safe Engine give us a capability to conduct remote incident response or preparation to engage on-site DFIR.


Expand cybersecurity quality by our Services to be part of your contract , VAPT, DFIR, SCP, SF, SCR, SSOC, SWEB, SEmail.


innovative defense against malware. prevents from attacks and eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, ransomware, rootkits, worms and spyware with cloud-powered scanning for even better detection rates

Antispam is an essential component for any mail server. ESET Mail Security uses state-of-the-art Antispam engine that prevents from spam and phishing attempts with very high catch rates. Antispam engine have achieved a result of 99.99% spam catch rate with zero false positives making it industry-leading technology in spam protection

A feature which prevents users from accessing web pages known for phishing. 

ESET Cloud-based service. When ESET Mail Security evaluates an email message as suspicious, it is temporarily put it into the ESET Dynamic Threat Defense quarantine. A suspicious email message is automatically submitted to ESET Dynamic Threat Defense server for analysis by advanced malware detection engines.

Administrator can inspect quarantined objects and decide to delete or release them with Quarantine web interface allows remote management of the content.

On-demand mailbox database scan gives administrators an option to scan selected mailboxes manually, or schedule the scan out of business hours.

Check actions that were carried out by an executable and utilize ESET’s LiveGrid® Reputation system to quickly assess if executed processes are safe or suspicious. Grouping of computers by user, department or other criteria allows security teams to quickly identify if the user is entitled to perform a specific action or if an action is out of the ordinary.

EDR Features

Quickly and easily view all security incidents in the alarms section. With a few clicks security teams can see a full root cause analysis that includes: what was affected, where and when the executable, script, or action was performed.

Use a built-in set of rules or create your own rules to respond to detected incidents. Each triggered alarm features a proposed next step to be performed for remediation. This quick response functionality helps to ensure that any single incident will not fall through the cracks.

Apply filters to sort data based on file popularity, reputation, digital signature, behavior or contextual information. Setting up multiple filters enables automated, easy threat hunting, including for APTs and targeted attacks, which can be customized to each company’s environment.

Block malicious modules from being executed on any computer in your organization’s network. ESET Enterprise Inspector’s open architecture offers the flexibility to detect violations of policies about using specific software like torrent applications, cloud storages, tor browsing or other unwanted software.

Facilitate Compliance 

Facilitate Compliance 

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