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Safe DevOps, Source code review, code analysis

Raise Source Code Quality and Security

Safe DevOps is a complete stack of technologies hosted in Safe Cloud that will help you increase and measure source code quality, maintainability, security and developer’s productivity by introducing source code review and static analysis in your development life cycle.


Safe DevOps, Source code review, code analysis

Gain visibility and insight into how your business is performing.

Source:  Devsecops community survey 2020

Detect and alerts

It detects bugs in the code automatically and alerts developers to fix them before rolling it out for production.

Sustainability and Maintainability

Safe DevOps significantly increases the lifetime of applications by reducing complexities, duplications and potential bugs in the code, by keeping neat and clean code architecture and increased unit tests.


Facilitates the team members to reduce the size of application, code complexity, maintenance time and cost and make code easy to read and understand.

Raise Quality

It can determine violation of code standards and helps software development team to abolish bugs. It maintains high-quality architecture, enforces coding standards and document APIs.

Reduce Risk with Safe Decision Support and Services

Safe Decision Co. provides additional value and professional support. Services including technical support, expert engagement and training are designed to help companies get long term benefits.

Achieved the compliance

Hosted Locally in Safe Cloud and comply with NCA-ECC, SAMA and ISO regulations.