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Complete Secure Hosting and Visibility

Safe Cloud a Services designed to Host, Manage, Operate, Protect and Monitor Servers at the highest standards and security controls and offered as a Managed Service (MSS) by Safe Decision. Safe Cloud architecture design integrated to with Safe web, Safe Email, Safe SOC and Safe Endpoint to address the gaps between hosting and cybersecurity by multi-layers of security controls and responsibility. We designed and developed Safe Cloud Services architecture to be best secure private cloud and hybrid between customer premise and secure hosting datacenter.


Managed Secure Remote Access with 2FA

Will develop Two-factor authentication that is a security process in which the user provides two means of identification from separate categories of credentials; one is typically a physical token, such as a card, and the other is typically something memorized.

Source:  Devsecops community survey 2020

Managed Servers Infrastructure

Secure Infrastructure doing and build and architecture on kingdom and managed and support by safe decision team that facility operation and security for customer expansion and enhancement.

Managed Backup and Recovery

will Manage Backup and Recovery are the simplest and most efficient way to identify backup exposures on your servers.

Managed Security Patches (PM)

Safe Decision deployed Patch management process to ensure the proper preventive measures are taken against potential threats.

Managed Advance Endpoint Protection (EPS)

We will Provide unified advanced endpoint security defense for hosted infrastructure across your environment servers.

Managed Performance Monitoring – Server base

Server performance management combined between Web application and database and server is the monitoring and management of performance and availability.

Managed Detection and Response – Server base (MDR)

Safe Decision operates 24x7 and provides cyber defense systems, threat monitoring, incident detection and response to enable situational awareness of malicious cyber activity.

Managed Vulnerability – Internal

On cloud base, Safe Decision will provide an active process of identifying existing vulnerabilities and available exploits in a security implementation, to penetrate susceptible systems on the basis of this information. 

Managed Threat Hunting (TH) – server base

Threat hunting is an active cyber defense activity by develop hypotheses based on hacker mindset and it is a process based on multiple scenario on servers based. 

Managed Threat Intelligence (TI) – server base

Monitors the behavior of malicious processes and scans them once they decloak, allowing for effective infection prevention, even from heavily obfuscated malware.

Managed Disk Encryption

Our infrastructure is secured by designing because we are using software defined storage and we make sure to encrypt disk at flow.

24/7 Support

We have multiple channel of support through email, telephone or the web portal.

Compliance Reports

Reports give you a full picture of the service and cover regulation requirements.


Provide the customer by multiple approach of reporting   as standard and customer and perforce and security that supported by performance indicators and predictive reports.

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