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Penetration Testing Service, Saudi Arabia

Proactively Detect Threats & Potential Risks

PT Service is a service that provides At Safe Decision we leverage our team’s knowledge in APT tactics, strategies and tools that they are exposed to every day to provide you with a realistic real-world scenarios that will help you identify your environments weakens points minimize your risk of getting attacked.


  • Helps the client’s manage the risk factors within their environment to make decisions.

  • Increases the business continuity by avoiding disruptions that might occur because an intrusion by an outsider.

  • Evaluates security investment to better use the budget on the most priorities first.

  • Guards the reputation of the company to maintain public relationships.

  • Assists to keep the Cyber Defence capability on check at all times.

  • Reveals a set of vulnerabilities that might be used by an outsider to harm the organization and disable its system.

  • Blocks the possible paths an attacker might use to get access to the system.

  • Assist the organization reconsider their cybersecurity measures after findings flaws and weakness in their environment.